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I”m not sure if it”s a good thing or bad that I’m posting.  Leland’s posts are so hilarious that I hate to deprive all of you of them.  We are a blogging version of the yin-yang symbol.  Even I enjoy reading them.  I always knew he was funny, but this blog has really let his creative juices flow. Don”t worry, he”s not going anywhere. I’ve been told he’ll still let me post an update now and then.

Today I went for a 2-mile walk around the lake with my mother.  The weather here has been truly glorious and for that I am grateful. Would I rather be going for a 50 mile bike ride, absolutely!  But, a 2-mile walk around the lake with my mother, six days after major surgery, is also pretty great.

Around 11 a.m. a few friends came over to visit, eat a scrumptious lunch and watch Bridesmaids. Thank you Cindy, Denise, Elise, Janice, Laurie, Marji, Sara and Susan for bringing delicious food, sharing “life-with-no-power” stories and laughing with me during this hysterical movie.  I know you all have a lot going on and I am so grateful for the time you spent with me today.  I think Marji summed it best during the movie, “This is so great, I don’t think I have laughed in 10 days! ”

Not that I needed a surgery like this to appreciate my life, but it has helped me put stuff into perspective.  I’m not even a week post-op yet and I feel 88% better.  Even the 2 ton truck on my chest is lightening a little, now it’s more like a NYC taxi.

In less than 24 hours, the drains will be removed and I’m not even sure I can imagine how I’ll feel.  I won’t even try, I’ll just wait to see.  For now, I am grateful for my husband who has been with me every step of the way, my mother for putting up with my moods during the past five days, my in-laws for hosting us in their apartment, my father for letting me beat him in WordFeud and showing Sofie the time of her life in NYC, my kids for understanding what they can and my friends for distracting me and laughing with me.  I love that Sara is not going to get back into a pool until I can.  That”s solidarity!