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I have finally resurfaced, but barely.  This recovery thing is much harder than I had thought.  We finally left the hospital around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. I rode in the front seat with a big pillow protecting my swollen, tightly bandaged chest from the seat belt.  I felt every bump and pothole as we headed back to NYC (a 40 minute ride).

The past 24 hours has been about managing my nausea, mostly. The pain medicine made me queasy, so I stopped taking it (Vicodin) and switched to Tylenol.  But I spent most of last night and continuing into today being very queasy.  However, if I try to throw up, I feel like my chest will explode.  Ugh.

We did go out for a short walk in Riverside Park.  Thinking about the marathoners finishing up in Central Park was truly sobering.  I’m visualizing myself finishing a triathlon or marathon in the near future, but it’s tough.

I’m uncomfortable, nauseous, tired and really, really bored!

Not the best post, but it’s the truth.