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(Note:  Lynne has taken back control over the keyboard)

Blogging in bed

I’m lying here in my hospital bed with the laptop tipped just right so that I don’t have to lift my arms up too high to type, listening to Pandora on the iPad.  Jamie had suggested the Cat Steven”s channel and I’m loving it.  For all of your “breathers” out there you will know why I am smiling!  Don McLean”s “American Pie” song just came on!  I’m now picturing Dani playing the guitar and all of us singing at the top of our lungs and knowing EVERY word!  I know this might not mean something to many of you, but it relates to the women’s retreat I helped organize this September at my daughter’s summer camp.

I”m learning that it’s the little things that are going to help me get through this.

Hoping to leave the hospital shortly.  More later.