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4:34 p.m.  One looong nap later, Lynne looks much improved.  Upon arriving in her room, she was rather pale, quite groggy, parched and only semi-lucid.  She dozed off and when she woke up, her color was back, her voice was stronger, her eyes more alert and she could play the guitar!  Ok, the last part wasn’t true.

What follows is a rough transcript of our conversation:

Leland: How are you doing?
Lynne: I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck.  But, I feel so much better.
Leland: Do you know who the President of the United States is?
Lynne: Barack Obama.
Leland: Do you…
Lynne: Ice Chips

At this point, the interview ended and I proceeded to feed ice chips.  Even though they are pumping Lynne full of IV fluids like she was a Mexican drug mule, she is incredibly thirsty.  We have to be careful of not overdoing it and pushing her towards nausea.  A fine line.

She is wrapped up tighter than an Egyptian mummy and has an inflatable heated pillow on top of her chest to facilitate blood flow.  She is very curious to see what”s going on “down there”, but that will have to wait for now.