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I’m talking about the hills of Central Park in New York City.  I ran seven miles on the park roads in 59:41.  That’s 8:31 minutes per mile for those of you keeping track at home.  As I ran around the Park, I started to reminisce about my life in New York City (1990-2003).  It was certainly filled with many firsts. It was in New York where I met Leland, had my first child (Sofie), ran my first marathon, did my first triathlon and had so many amazing adventures for twelve years.  It’s also where I first learned about BRCA1 and the fact that I was a carrier.

I’m glad that the silver-lining of our evacuation to New York is that I was able to get my final pre-surgery workout in the form of my favorite running route.  It’s a lovely fall day here in Manhattan and we were joking that last night we were complaining that my in-laws’ bedrooms are WAY too hot.  We’ve got a bad case of Goldilocks Syndrome it seems.  West Hartford was too cold.  New York is too hot.  Maybe the hospital will be just right?

I guess it’s only fitting that I’m having my surgery in New York (though not in Manhattan).  I feel like no matter where I live, New York is my home away from home. I will always draw strength from all that I accomplished there, personally and professionally.  And it is that strength, from the hills of Central Park that I will channel tomorrow.