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I remember a long time ago, someone saying to me, “When you”re thinking of buying a white car, you start to see white cars everywhere.”  Just when you decide to focus on something, you realize you see that “thing” all the time.

That”s where I am right now.  All I notice are breasts!  I was reading the paper and saw the word “bread” but read it as “breasts.” We drive by a cemetery and my kids say, “hold your breath” and I hear “hold your breasts!”

I need to tell you that I’ve never been much into breasts, heck even on Thanksgiving I usually choose the drumstick.  I spent most of my teenage years wearing baggy clothes and big sweatshirts.  And in my adult years, my breasts spend a lot of time squished into sports bras and wetsuits.  So, it’s weird for me that I’m constantly thinking about and looking at breasts.  Maybe that’s what it’s like to be my husband (just kidding!).

But today took the cake.  I was getting my haircut and staring into the mirror when I noticed a white timer sitting on the shelf.  I started to smile because this little white plastic timer looked just like miniature breasts!  See for yourself, I posted a photo to the left.

I told my hairdresser Debbie and we started to look around the salon to see what else reminded us of breasts.  We found these little feet from a Halloween doll.

I hope I don’t end up with visions of  little sugar-plum breast fairies dancing in my head.  I don’t know how much more I can take!

Do you see it too?? Or is it just me??