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Today was my last mammogram.  I”m not sure how to feel about this.  I have had at least one yearly mammogram since 1996, the year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fifteen years of squishing, prodding, turning and pushing my breasts into unimaginable positions to get the right picture.  Over these 15 years, I’ve had two ultrasounds following a mammogram and only one biopsy.  Considering my high risk status (which I only found out about in 2003), that’s pretty darn good.

So, while I will not miss the actual mammograms, I will miss my mammogram technician.  Susan has been my technician for my last three mammograms. It was just luck of the draw that I got her two times in a row.  But on my final mammogram, I requested her. I called to find out her schedule and made sure she’d be the one doing my mammogram.  Stalker? Maybe, but it is nice to have someone so caring, who knows your history and is so kind and understanding.

As I was leaving, Susan wished me good luck and said she was “very excited for me” and sure that all would go well.  She asked me to stay in touch and said that she loved working with me because my pictures always came out so good. “They are ‘textbook’,” she said.

Something I can be proud of, I do a good mammogram!  Who knew?