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I have wavered on this topic for many months.  My gut said, “of course reconstruction”.  But then I realized how much more surgery and recovery it would be and I panicked.

Then I read an article this summer about how silicone breast implants won’t last for life and I panicked again.

Long story short, I decided that since I spent a lot of time in swim suits, triathlon suits, wetsuits and other tight-ish clothing, I wanted to feel like me. Or at least the me that I’ve been used to for 45 years (well, a bit less since I wasn’t born with breasts!).

Anyway, I think you get the point.

For those that are wondering, I’m hoping to stay as close to my present size as possible.  I’m not looking at this as an opportunity to go up a size or three (much to my husband’s dismay).  I just want to look and feel like me.  Although, if the breasts could be more aerodynamic and cut down on my racing times, I wouldn’t argue. (hee, hee)

Here is a link detailing the procedure that I am undergoing.  It’s called Direct-to-Implant (“One-Step”) Reconstruction.