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Since I’m a “planner,” I planned this surgery over nine months ago. The doctors (who I will get to in later posts) and their staff have been amazing as I prepare for this event.  However, I think they thought I was a little nuts when I called in February to schedule a surgical date for November.  “We don’t plan that far ahead, why don’t you give us a call in August,” was one of their replies.  Well, needless to say, I pushed a little bit and they “penciled me in.”  I didn’t want any one else getting the date I had so meticulously picked.

Why November?  I’m glad you asked. Having the surgery in November meant that I could have my full season of races.  I started with a triathlon in June and will end with a swim in late October.  Then, it is my hope that I’ll have many months to recover and start training again in early spring.

The family at a recent Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

Also, it is my goal to disrupt my childrens’ lives as little as possible. They love Halloween.  I didn’t want to be “laid up and recovering” while they were out “trick or treating”.  So, I scheduled the surgery as soon as possible after Halloween.  This way, I thought I’d have six weeks of healing behind me as we head into their Winter Holiday Break.

I planned when my kids were born, so why not this?
All joking aside, I am grateful that I have the luxury of planning this type of surgery.  Many breast cancer survivors are not as fortunate.