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Today I went for a beautiful run in a local reservoir.  As I was running and listening to Adele (my husband is so sick of her that I now have to listen to her songs when I’m alone), I had a great idea.  Most of my brilliant ideas come to me when I’m swimming, biking and running.  But this one took the cake.  I decided to write a blog about my experience with the surgery and the recovery.  I know lots of people write blogs.  And while I read a lot of them, I never thought I’d write one.  I never thought I’d really have anything interesting to say that hasn’t already been said about one topic or another.  But, as I was running I realized that in this case, I have something to say.  I know that I don’t have to justify my reason for writing a blog to anyone.  I could post day after day and if no one reads it, so be it.

But I do have 3 specific reasons that I’d like to share.

My top 3 reasons for writing this blog:
Number Three: For my family and friends.
I would like to share with my family and friends how I’m doing after the surgery.  I don’t think I’ll be able to talk to everyone every day, so this blog will detail how I’m doing, both physically and emotionally. I also believe that if people read this (whether you comment or not), I will feel your strength and positive energy. I know this will go a long way towards a healthy, speedy recovery.

Number Two: Keep me focused
I know that writing this blog will help me therapeutically.  As I chronicle my recovery, I can rid myself of any negative, frustrating feelings by writing them down.  This will also go a long way towards healing.

And the Number One reason that I am writing this blog is (drum roll please):
For my two young cousins and any other women in my same situation. 
I’d like this blog to show other women who currently live a healthy lifestyle and want to continue that way of living, that this procedure is a just a “blip” in our lives.  We CAN live a healthy, full life but now without the fear of cancer looming over us.